Keeping An Eye On Your Debtors

No matter how many times we try to contact them or how many means we use, there will always be a number of debtors who sneak through the system and maintain their infamous ‘MIA status’- making collection from this debtor a near impossible task. Continuing to manually search these individuals takes up time and agents may eventually forget about these missing debtors to focus new and urgent files.

TICA Assist takes the manual work out of tracking debtors and allows you to register a list of debtors to the system and receive an email alert when they apply for rental properly.

These emails updates show collectors:
– The date their debtor last enquired
– The agency at which they enquired
– Their Full name
– Date of Birth
– Current address as per last enquiry
– Current phone number as per last enquiry

This information not only shows collectors that their debtor has been moving around, but provides accurate, real-time information provided by trusted and reliable real estate agents across Australia. In combination with a TICA Assist commercial membership, these powerful and intuitive products provide the ultimate tool for locating and verifying debtors.

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