The Smooth and Easy Way to Receive Payments

Receive more payments, more often. Transform how your business requests and collects payment.

Glider is a powerful mobile payments platform solving complex business problems with flexible and efficient solutions. With real-time reporting, white-label platform, easy integration and gateway agnostics, Glider delivers transformational business improvement by providing customers and agents with a smarter payment experience. The solution is expertly designed to improve cashflow, mitigate risk, increase customer satisfaction and save you time and money.

With vast amounts of backend features such as revenue and audience analytics, campaign reporting and other intelligence tools, your credit managers will have all the information they need to make the important decisions.

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Customer Story

An Australian Collection Agency found huge success with Glider. During the first months of implementing the campaigns, more than 1,000 customers self-cured their accounts and established acceptable Payment Plans, with a total value of over AUD $8m.

This is what they have to say about Glider:

“Customers are increasingly looking for technology to service their needs and less interaction with an operator especially with the younger demographic. Glider has allowed us to provide that service.

The end-to-end automation of capturing payment arrangements and the subsequent synchronisation process with our CRM has been fantastic. Glider provides us with the flexibility to offer different lengths of arrangements to customers, depending on their individual circumstances.

Glider is now being used much earlier in our workflow where customers have the opportunity to self-serve before receiving collection calls. This means that our cost to collect reduces thus allowing our staff to focus on more complex accounts that require a more robust conversation.”

Managing Director, Collection Agency – Sydney, Australia.

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