Award-Winning Cloud-Based Call Centre Software

Looking to improve collections? Improve connections first.

The TCN solution is a complete dialler replacement with full outbound, inbound, and blended functionality requiring no hardware, no monthly minimums, and no maintenance fees. Being cloud based, TCN replaces all that complex and messy hardware with simple and elegant software. The cloud model gives you tomorrow’s technology today.

TCN’s solution will increase revenue and recovery rates with an intelligent, predictive dialer solution. This boosts agent productivity by eliminating wasted time on manual calls or in between calls and allowing agents to spend more time on live, meaningful calls. Smarter connections lead to increased collections.

Collect even more these other features:

  • Manual Dialing / Preview Dialing

  • Conditional Dialing / Sequential Dialing

  • Call Recording

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Chat

  • Natural Language Compliance

  • List Management Services

  • Voice Analytics

With TCN’s voice technology, you can:

Use the same cutting-edge platform as a 1000-seat enterprise, without the enterprise price tag.

TCN’s pricing is flexible. There are no-year long obligations and you only pay for what you use. All features are included in every plan. No matter the size of your call center, TCN offers scalable and customisable cloud-based software solutions to meet your needs.

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