Leverage AI Technology to Improve your Collections Process

Do you want to be more data-driven to improve collections? Paypensity makes this an easy reality for you.

Paypensity is an AI driven product that scores consumer debt. Advanced machine learning algorithm scores the probability a consumer will pay a debt with higher accuracy than traditional scoring approaches. It’s advanced soring system provides credit managers with a clear picture on how to strategically prioritise their accounts. Having a systemic approach to collections based on accurate and intelligent data will significantly increase total collections.
How are you currently scoring consumer debt? Are you using a credit score approach? Or possibly an internal or external model? Maybe you don’t have a scoring strategy at all.
Paypensity’s scoring strategy is by far the most advanced and outperforms all credit scoring approaches on the market.


Be more informed, intelligent and structured with your approach to collections.

Do not leave money on the table by failing to optimise your collections approach. Increase collections with intelligent data and dynamic scoring. Yes, that’s right! The scoring system takes into account changes with the client file and will update the scoring accordingly. Paypensity is smart, easy to use and focuses on providing information that you can apply immediately to collect more money.

Let the data work for you. Create data-driven, customer-specific contact strategies.

You can achieve so much more with Paypensity. The interface is simple to use, allowing you to dive deep into data.

A platform that is comprehensive in data, yet simple to use!

  • Track time to payment

  • Multiple filtering options

  • Identify payment drivers

  • Measure results of contact efforts

  • Breakdown effort results by clients

  • Track monthly performance against previous

  • And much more!

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