Glider – A Case Study

A Collection Agency wanted to improve existing business processes and realise efficiencies when recovering consumer debt.

With COVID-19 affecting economies around the world, it seems certain that the impact of the pandemic will be felt for years to come.

Many industries have been forced to shut down due to extended lockdowns, causing higher levels of consumer debt and significant increases in late payment and interest fees.  More than ever, consumers who are struggling to meet their financial commitments, are looking for options to spread and control their expenses.

Apart from the economic impact, another effect of the pandemic has been that businesses have been forced to improve their online experience for customers – in some cases in order for the business to survive. Customer behaviour has shifted quickly towards an expectation that they will be provided with a seamless and user-friendly experience, regardless of the type of online interaction.

Coinciding with both these trends, flexible payment plan capability is now available via the Glider payments communication platform.


An Australian-based Debt Collection Agency rolled out Glider Payment Plan campaigns in 2021, targeting unsecured loans from a range of industries. These campaigns provide the highest level of flexibility for setting up payment plans for both the customer and the agency.

After receiving the personalised Glider payment communication and by using Glider’s Smart Invoices, customers are able to create their own repayment plan and can select from flexible weekly, fortnightly, or monthly instalments.

Glider allows the agency to set rules for appropriate minimum and maximum repayment terms on a per-account basis, and the customer is able to start the payment schedule on a date that works for them. Interest obligations are dealt with in real-time, and Glider caters for both interest accruing and interest free payment plans.

Glider’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine can be utilised to suggest the optimum payment arrangement to the customer, based on the customer’s individual circumstances. Customers have the option to pay using card, or they can set up a Direct Debit. Card details are tokenised securely using PCI DSS Level 1 infrastructure.

GLIDER Payment Plans


During the first months of implementing the campaigns, more than 1,000 customers self-cured their accounts and established acceptable Payment Plans, with a total value of over AUD $8m.

“Customers are increasingly looking for technology to service their needs and less interaction with an operator especially with the younger demographic. Glider has allowed us to provide that service.

The end-to-end automation of capturing payment arrangements and the subsequent synchronisation process with our CRM has been fantastic. Glider provides us with the flexibility to offer different lengths of arrangements to customers, depending on their individual circumstances.

Glider is now being used much earlier in our workflow where customers have the opportunity to self-serve before receiving collection calls. This means that our cost to collect reduces thus allowing our staff to focus on more complex accounts that require a more robust conversation.”

Managing Director, Collection Agency - Sydney, Australia