Alerting the Public

In light of all the recent tragedies occurring overseas, whether this be a natural disaster or a terror threat, fast and reliable communication has never been more important. Being able reach a large amount of individuals in a short amount of time is crucial when these events take place or if these events are already occurring, it is important that alerts and warnings are distributed to avoid further devastation.

Contact Centres are a critical aspect when it comes to ensuring communication is at its best during these times. TCN offers features that are specifically designed for emergencies and/or notifiable events. Both TCN’s Notify and the Emergency Alert feature on TCN’s Agent SMS product can be specifically used by companies during these situations.

TCN’s Notify specialises in event notification. It offers thousands of calls per minute, list segmentation, personalisation, customised mapping, reporting and polling. All of these features can separately or collaboratively work in notifying people of emergencies or alternatively, regular events and announcements. To read more on this feature, CLICK HERE!

Agent SMS is TCN’s texting feature and with this feature, you are able to alert individuals of emergencies. Contacting people through this platform allows you to issue call back numbers, apply command codes to ensure safety, text international numbers and scale lists to reach a specific group. For more information on AgentSMS, CLICK HERE!