Customer Relationship Management – The Pro’s

For all organisations, ensuring your team stays well organised and on top of opportunities is essential. Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM’s) have become an increasingly popular tool. The main purpose of a management system or CRM is customer satisfaction and employee cohesion. As well as benefiting your customers by increasing frequent and enhanced communication, CRM systems are pivotal when it comes to the success of your business and the performance of your employees.

Here are 4 key benefits of a CRM that will help your business boom:

Company Organisation – Using a CRM, company and customer information, updates and details will be stored in once place – keeping everyone in the same loop and on track with both their individual tasks and company goals.

Simple Management – Instead of constantly following up with managers, being unsure of your next step and waiting eagerly for co-workers to reply to your urgent queries- real-time updates to tasks based on metrics and company values are provided using a CRM system.

Marketing – With customer and sales data all easily accessible in the one place and segmented into useful categories, your marketing team is able to zone in on customers who are more likely to be interested in what you’re providing instead of spamming your entire database with information that may not be relevant to them.

Preferred Communication – CRM allows all your sales and communication data to be saved in a secure environment, even if these sales were unsuccessful. From this data, employees are able to monitor what means of communication had a greater success rate and what tactics to abandon for future interactions.

Creditsoft offer COA (Customer Opportunity Advisor), an advanced twist on the typical CRM or management system. COA ties all aspects of your business together, such as sales, marketing, underwriting and service to ensure opportunities are not overlooked and achieved with upmost success. COA identifies new opportunities in priority order based on the values of your company and using predictive models and business rules, COA uncovers insights and provides you with the best action across the organisation.

Advantages of COA:

– Guide the customer experience regardless of channel

– Foster collaboration within departments

– Increase employee productivity

– Streamline customer communication and cater to niches

– Eliminates the expense of multiple management systems

– Track and monitor all activity from opportunities arising to completion and everything in between

– Improve customer satisfaction and retention

– Mix and Match different modules : Onboarding, CRM, Referrals, Leads, Cross-selling, Retention & Service

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