The Switch to SMS

More and more consumers are opting to purchase retail items online, leaving brick and mortar stores with a lot more work to do when it comes to marketing. Customers are often unaware of sales, special events and deals unless they venture into the store itself or stumble across promotional emails from stores – which are often diverted into the infamous junk mail folder. This issue effects certain customer service industries, such as the beauty industry, who often rely on email marketing or signage to promote specials or new services.

Both retail and customer service businesses often want to ensure that their loyal customers are receiving the benefits that they deserve and have therefore made the switch to SMS marketing. This increases the chance of their message promptly reaching their desired destination. SMS marketing provides businesses with an insight into who their regular consumers are, instant delivery, easy interaction and a new way for their customers to connect with them and express interest in a product and/or service.

Our SMS broadcasting service provides businesses with easy to use software that allows you to send bulk messages in seconds and track the progress and delivery success of your SMS. Campaigns are also stored if you wish to re-use them, edit them or review their success to help plan for future campaigns. For more information regarding our SMS solutions and features, CLICK HERE!