Tracing Solutions

These powerful and intuitive products allow businesses to locate and verify debtors and provide you access to databases with information accumulated from a number of reliable and frequently updated sources.


CreditSoft Solutions have partnered with TICA to bring the largest tenant database in Australia to commercial businesses. The TICA national tenant database has grown over the years to be the largest tenant database in Australia with over 7 million records gathered from over 7,000 members.

- TICA holds excess of 7 million records

- TICA has over 7,000 members subscriping to its services throughout Australia

- TICA complies with the Australian Privacy Principles

- There are a variety of pricing packages availabale to suit your needs and business size

- Powerful, intuitive tools to assist with the location and/or verification of debtors and payers

- Full training and implementation support provided by CreditSoft Solutions

- Accessed via web browser and easy to use

- TICA processes over 120,000 tenant checks per month

- No other company can offer you the service, systems,nationwide coverage, quality and quantity of data that TICA can. 


* TICA free trials run for 15 minutes or until participants have used up their 5 trial searches*


The TICA Assist product is available to TICA’s commercial members and enables users to register debtors on the system and receive email alerts when they apply for a rental property. This product operates on a pre-paid credit system.

-Upload as many records as you wish

-Daily data matching

-Pay for positive results only

-Automatic email alerts when data match is found

-Individual or bulk record uploads and removal


The TICA assist boutique membership provides small businesses access to TICA assist without having to join the yearly membership subscription. TICA assist boutique follows the same structure as the regular TICA Assist product but is catered specifically to suit small businesses.


Acceleon Locate

Acceleon Locate has become the default tool for searching and locating consumers and businesses. It combines results from a range of sources to provide up to date information about your customers. Acceleon presents a web based user interface to allow users to quickly and efficiently locate lost customers. A variety of features are implemented to ensure that the user finds the bests records as quickly as possible.

Acceleon Batch

Acceleon Locate Batch

Developed to help Acceleon clients to maintain and update their customer database, Acceleon Batch provides a comprehensive batch service for maintaining customer data and tracing lost customers.

Acceleon Locate Batch is a system for any business that wishes to improve and maintain their customer database, whilst also catering to mercantile agent, investigative and finance industry needs.

Acceleon Locate Business Batch

Acceleon has developed business name matching logic, which standardises and matches business names using proprietary fuzzy matching techniques. This coupled with a current and historical business name, ABN reference file and the Acceleon Public Number Directory allows Acceleon to provide the most current and complete data quality platform for business databases.

Contact us to arrange an online demonstration of Acceleons functionalities and discover how it can assist your companies skip tracing processes today.

Acceleon Client Connector

Client Connector is designed to help you re-locate existing or lost customers and re-establish communication with them.

This product allows you to upload your customer database and from there, receive a complete file containing new contact information for your existing and lost customers including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. This product uses a variety of high quality databases that will ensure that the currency of your database is improved and that existing details are accurate.

Once Client Connector has completed its search, it will produce a summary report that allows you to see aspects such as overall match rates, customer data, data classification, data validation and ABN confirmations.