Protecting Privacy

As technology rapidly progresses in society, the concept of privacy has become more difficult to understand and maintain. When it comes to large databases containing potentially private information, keeping tabs on who this is being distributed to is crucial. CreditSoft offer two products that provide commercial businesses access to large and diverse databases across Australia. Both TICA and Acceleon comply with the Australian privacy principles and follow a set of policies to ensure that the information stored on their databases are not used for any illegal or inappropriate activities.

TICA is Australia’s largest tenancy database and contains information provided by real-estate agents across the country. It is available to commercial businesses purely for skip tracing and locating purposes in order to protect the members who use the TICA services.

Acceleon ensures that the databases and information provided on the product are either publically available or follow a strict and clear privacy statement. As managers of multiple databases, it is imperative that the Acceleon product only carries data that is both compliant with the Privacy Act and used by businesses who act in accordance with the Privacy Act.

There are many privacy issues to consider when managing information with data suppliers and if any aspects are overlooked, it could end with you or your business in hot water.