Non-For-Profit Solutions

Databases designed to locate customers can not only be used by businesses in the credit and collections industry, but by non for profit organisations who have a large amount of donors, sponsors and customers on record. While charities are always searching for more people to support their cause, donations will often come from known sources. People who have been assisted by the charity, have a connection to the cause or admire the organisation may donate frequently and therefore, it is important for non-for-profits to ensure that these individuals or groups remain engaged and connected to the organisation.

Contact solutions and tracing solutions can be used collaboratively to maintain a strong and meaningful connection between charity and donor. While tracing software can be used to maintain and wash your database, SMS broadcasting and cloud-based contact technology can be used to directly reach a large amount of recipients without significantly increasing operating costs and taking up the valuable time and resources that non-for-profit organisations work extremely hard to acquire.

CreditSoft Solutions is a proud supporter of the Fundraising Institute of Australia and the non for profit sector. We will be attending the FIA Conference again this year and showcasing how our products can improve the internal operations of charitable organisations. The Conference will be held at International Convention Centre in Sydney and is an excellent opportunity to learn, explore and support Australia’s fundraising organisations and their associates. Please see the information below for more details on the event.

FIA Conference 2018
March 7-9th
Sydney International Convention Centre