Glider – A Case Study

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Glider - A Case Study A Collection Agency wanted to improve existing business processes and realise efficiencies when recovering consumer debt. With COVID-19 affecting economies around the world, it seems certain that the impact of the pandemic will be felt for years to come. Many industries

CreditSoft and NLP Logix Announce Integration

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CreditSoft and NLP Logix Announce Integration Advanced machine learning algorithm scores the probability a consumer will pay a debt with higher accuracy than traditional scoring approaches Based in Adelaide, South Australia, CREDITSOFT Solutions is a leading Australian provider of debt recovery and receivables management software and services, who

ACDBA 2019 Debt Forum

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ACDBA 2019 Debt Forum CreditSoft recently sponsored and attended the Australian Collectors & Debt Buyers Association Debt Forum in Sydney. This is a key event for the Collections Industry each year which gives attendees the opportunity to connect with other industry professionals and attend informative presentations. CreditSoft exhibited at the

Simplifying The Payment Process

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Simplifying The Payment Process Whether you are a B2C or B2B business, managing payments can be a demanding task. The amount of clients you have, their location, their method of payment and their reliability are all factors that can contribute in causing confusion amongst your accounts team and

Introducing TCN’s SpeechIVR!

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Introducing TCN's SpeechIVR! Introducing TCN's exciting new function, SpeechIVR! This cloud based feature will enhance customer satisfaction, provide valuable information for training purposes, increase productivity and allow the best agent to deal with each individual matter. Some key features of TCN's SpeechIVR or Speech recognition are: - An entirely cloud based system

TCN Testimonial

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TCN Testimonial Commercial Credit Control have been a valued TCN customer for the past 5 years, see how TCN has helped their business thrive... " We have used TCN for many years but must say the onboarding of TCN blended has been a real game changer for us. Through

Customer Relationship Management – The Pro’s

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Customer Relationship Management - The Pro's For all organisations, ensuring your team stays well organised and on top of opportunities is essential. Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM's) have become an increasingly popular tool. The main purpose of a management system or CRM is customer satisfaction and employee cohesion.

Keeping An Eye On Your Debtors

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Keeping An Eye On Your Debtors No matter how many times we try to contact them or how many means we use, there will always be a number of debtors who sneak through the system and maintain their infamous 'MIA status'- making collection from this debtor a near

Non-For-Profit Solutions

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Non-For-Profit Solutions Databases designed to locate customers can not only be used by businesses in the credit and collections industry, but by non for profit organisations who have a large amount of donors, sponsors and customers on record. While charities are always searching for more people to support

Alerting the Public

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Alerting the Public In light of all the recent tragedies occurring overseas, whether this be a natural disaster or a terror threat, fast and reliable communication has never been more important. Being able reach a large amount of individuals in a short amount of time is crucial when

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