Acceleon Business Batch

=> Are you a business with a commercial database requiring updated details on your customers?

=>Do you need to know if your trade debtors still exist?

=> Do you have the added complexity of businesses in your client database that may have multiple aliases?


Acceleon offers Locate Business Batch – the solution to help you keep on top of your business database so that you know about your customers before they tell you.


With Locate Business Batch you can:

  • -Update Addresses;
  • -Find Phone numbers; and
  • -Append ABNs.


In addition to this you can:

  • -Discover all other names associated with your clients;
  • -Find out the current registration details of the business (i.e. cancelled, active, etc.); and
  • -Know the entity type of your clients (i.e. public, private, trust, etc.)


All this information delivered to you in one file by simply uploading your client list to Acceleon and letting their state of the art system do the rest.


For more information on Acceleon business batch or any other Acceleon products, contact