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Client Access Web

ClientAccessWeb is Applied Innovation, Inc’s flagship software solution and has become a staple to the collection industry.  Every year more and more collection agencies will fill out RFP’s for new business and will be asked about a Client Access Portal, web enabled reporting, and a streamlined method for account placements.  Collection Agencies will loose business to competitors who offer full functioning client portals.  As your business and technology demands change, partner with a software company who can keep a professional and consistent client facing portal in front of clients.

“Caine & Weiner has shared an extremely successful business partnership with Client Access Web for over 5 years. Their secure and dynamic online interface creates tremendous value and ease of use for our clientele. Their product has always been easily customizable to meet our client-specific requirements and its data mining capabilities are truly state-of-the-art. Al Rookard and his team have always been very responsive to our needs and we look forward to continuing our relationship with their organization.”

Steve Simon — Caine & Weiner

Who Is ClientAccessWeb For?

ClientAccessWeb is for any collection agency who has clients.  If your clients inquire on account status, assign new accounts, request monthly or weekly reports, accept direct payments, or have provided you with sensitive data, then chances are you have a use for ClientAccessWeb.

Do You Integrate With Our Software?

Chances are Yes, we do or can integrate with your collection software.  Applied Innovation has partnerships and standing integration’s with many of the leading collection software companies.  If you have any questions about if and how we can integrate with your software, either call us or call your software provider.

 “As a smaller sized agency, has been a valuable and affordable tool to stay connected to our clients. It’s generates positive feedback and trust with our clients.”

Christie Porter — SCB Associates, Inc.