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SMS Solutions

Whether you’re informing customers you’d like to speak to them, reminding them they have a payment due or have missed a payment, or simply advising them of their payment details, SMS will reach your target instantly.

SMS is cheaper, greener, faster and more personal than mail drops or traditional phone calls. Messages are sent and read within seconds!

User Interface

Our easy to use user interface will have you sending messages within minutes. Features include:

Single or Bulk Sending

Easily send single messages or upload lists of contacts to bulk send SMS extremely fast.


We’ll let you know the status of every single sent SMS – on the spot. Whether it has been delivered to the carrier, is still queued or failed, you’ll know.


Love data crunching? Set scheduled reports to be delivered to you automatically each week or month, in a convenient .csv format.


Looking for a message you sent? Or a particular reply from a particular contact? We keep a detailed message log of every single SMS you’ve sent or received, so you can easily search a specific one or report on a bunch.

Powerful Reporting

Analytics at your fingertips! Run reports on campaigns, accounts, based on keywords, for one or all messages… possibilities are infinite, just like our filtering options.


Go back to that online SMS campaign you sent 6 months ago and review the message you wrote, how many people replied and any other data that will help you improve your future SMS campaigns.


Developed with developers in mind our SMS API allows you to send SMS effortlessly, receive them back (real time or on demand) or get your delivery status. Our API can be used to implement high traffic, two-way, bulk and premium SMS applications.

Local Routing

Many SMS providers route their SMS traffic offshore to get cheaper rates. Creditsoft utilizes Australian routes ensuring that messages to your customers will be delivered in a secure and efficient manner and time stamped with an Australian time zone.

reliable connections

Direct connections with all major Australian and New Zealand carriers