Reporting and Analytic Solution

Advanced data analysis and administration tools that ensure your business stays on top of all important matters and is able to make informed decisions based on frequently updated reports and information.

Client Access Web

ClientAccessWeb is Applied Innovation Inc.’s flagship software solution and has become a staple to the collection industry. Real time updates, comprehensive reporting and live communication –the three pillars on which successful credit departments rely. This sophisticated yet easy to use application is the perfect tool for managing your debt ledger that integrates seamlessly with your current collections system, and gives users managed access to view and append account information online.

- 24/7 system access with real time information on all accounts

- Interactive account inquiry screens

- On demand reporting tools with export capabilities

- Refer placements with integrated new account templates

- Constant contact via secure message centre, enabling interoffice communication

-Receive and refer direct payment and cancellation reports

-Login via a custom-branded portal through your website

-Customisable dashboards

- Search for accounts based on name, account number, telephone number, or any other field

- Account inquiry screens can present selected information on each account

- New placements and secure file transfer tool allow you to streamline the process of referring new accounts

- Allows you tor retrieve or run complex reports

- Total transparency to view and audit all your files



Analytic tools


ModelMax is an analytic productivity tool that is designed for businesses and respected by statisticians. ModelMAX blends agility with automation, making strong, straightforward and actionable analytics.

COA & Opportunity Management

A COA ( Customer Opportunity Advisor) is an opportunity management platform that helps your organisation close in on management goals. A COA fuels growth, increases retention, streamlines compliance tasks and turns insights into action.

Decision Management Made Easy

Decision builder is a robust Java-based decision management tool for organizations looking for a smarter way to automate and streamline business processes. Using advanced rules management, it brings speed and convenience to designing, building, implementing and maintaining rule based business applications.


Voltage drives better business decisions, brings new found agility, and adds value on a daily basis by eliminating critical data gaps and outdated information. Voltage surpasses traditional data storage systems by dynamically building multi-dimensional customer views and calculating pre-defined metrics to uncover hidden customer insights.

Agility Engine

Agility Engine is a premium analytic scoring tool that provides businesses with insights and patterns concerning sales, marketing, risk, finance, collections, business development and customer retention. Scoring can be customised to your unique data and business needs and results are received quickly and conveniently.


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