Automation and Consolidation

Our Payment solutions are designed to maximise collection, create a competitive edge and save costs by automating and streamlining the payments, reconciliation and dishonour processes. In addition to offering Merchant Level 1 PCI DSS compliance solutions to clients who process credit card transactions, our payment solutions can be tailored to facilitate multiple payment methods across a number of different platforms.

Payment Methods

- Credit Card (single payments or recurring arrangements)
- Direct Debit ( single payments or recurring arrangements)
- Direct Credit to your trust account (s) or customer bank account (s)
- POLI Payment
- Paystream
- Over- the - counter

CreditSoft Solutions also specialise in consolidating all your payment offerings into one daily electronic file for easy importation to your billing or collection software.


PayStream is designed to get your customers to pay their bills while reducing your overhead cost servicing accounts. As a ‘Virtual Collector’, PayStream will actually walk your customers through the web-initiated collection process, including legal language review and authorisation, identity verification, account review, and a full repayment negotiation. PayStream has revolutionised the way that Australian businesses are getting paid.


- Accepts payment 24/7
- Facilitates secure customer communication
- Tailors payment negotiation to your business
- Creates your next top collector without increasing staff
- Controls compliance by customising language on every screen
- Audits performance daily


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