Contact Solutions

We provide a number of products that allow businesses to contact customers quickly and efficiently. SMS broadcasting and innovative call centre technology can be used to reach customers individually or in bulk to inform them of any business related issues and important company announcements.

Bing Mailing Service

Bing’s mailing service allows users to send postal, email, sms and fax from the comfort and convenience of their own devices. Bing ensures that mail is packaged and sent off with the upmost care and users are provided with updates regarding their mail via email or sms. Prepare and review your mail to ensure that all the information is correct.

Once you are satisfied with your potential post, it is ready to send and documents will be securely uploaded to BING and ready for postage. Bing can be used on all your existing technology platforms and there is no excess cost to begin. It is a reliable, easy to use and a flexible mailing solution that can be used by businesses of all sizes and from all industries.

SMS Broadcasting

Whether you’re informing your customers you’d like to speak to them, reminding them they have a payment due or have missed a payment, or simply advising them of their payment details, SMS will reach your target instantly.

  • - SMS is cheaper, greener, faster and more personal than mail drops or traditional calls
  • - Messages are sent and read within seconds
  • - Single or bulk sending
  • - Message status update
  • - Schedules reports to showcase data
  • - Message log
  • - Review previous campaign success
  • - Powerful reporting

    Creditsoft Solutions utilizes Australian routes ensuring that messages to your customers will be delivered in a secure and efficient manner and time stamped with an Australian time zone. For more information on this product, please contact CreditSoft Solutions.

TCN has led Software as a Service (Saas) call centre technology since 1999 by offering SIP based on-demand Virtual Call Centre Tools, Predictive Dialling, and Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) solutions.

With TCN’s voice technology, you can:

- Turn your collectors into inbound agents taking pre-qualified right party calls

- Let a machine leave an upbeat recorded message on answering machines to free your collectors' time

- Transfer data seamlessly via secure ftp or other methods

- Integrate with your collections software or predictive dialler to push pop-ups and simplify account updating

The TCN solution is a complete dialler replacement with full outbound, inbound, and blended functionality requiring no hardware, no monthly minimums, and no maintenance fees. Being cloud based, TCN replaces all that complex and messy hardware with simple and elegant software. The cloud model gives you tomorrow’s technology today


Phone Number Verification

Our phone number verification service allows you to quickly check the connection status of both landline and mobile phone numbers. This tool reduces the amount of time wasted on disconnected numbers and lets you make key decisions about the likelihood of a phone contact on your files. Quickly verify your existing database, a new batch of accounts, some debt you wish to purchase or your latest skip tracing results. We can provide a stand-alone solution that enables you to verify batches of numbers within minutes. Alternatively, we also offer a managed services where we can process the numbers for you and send you the results via email.

For more information on any of these products, please contact us.